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Gannett Co., Inc. is an American mass media holding company headquartered in McLean, Virginia, in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. It is the largest U.S. newspaper publisher as measured by total daily circulation.It owns the national newspaper USA Today, as well as several local newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press; The Indianapolis Star; The Cincinnati Enquirer; The Tennessean in Nashville, Tennessee; The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky; the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, New York; The Des Moines Register; The Arizona Republic in Phoenix, Arizona; The News-Press in Fort Myers; the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; and the Great Falls Tribune.

a former employee said, "Practically Non-Existent Union at Gannett, Excessive and Unnecessary Micromanagement, Unprofessional Behavior, Constant feeling of Malcontent, Strong Desire to Quit, Almost Slave Labor, Team Leads are Useless and Unnecessary, borderline hostile work environment, management unknowledgeable"


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Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Local management is terrible, top down management style, no collaboration, vindictive, mean spirited"

Current Employee - Sales says

"Layoffs and furloughs are decimating newsrooms and offices, benefits have been cut, and coordination between departments is non-existent."

Current Employee - Copywriter says

"this place is corporate hell run by power-hungry, emotionally unintelligent, ex-frat bros who perpetuate a male-dominated culture."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They are gatehouse media, owned by a hedge fund. They exist to soak profits. Massive cuts all the time, including during a pandemic when people were sent home to work, gutted newsrooms. They are not a media company and it shows. They are clueless. Their business practices are completely backward."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sloppy merger with Gatehouse; poor company leadership; dishonesty about financial achievements; withering print advertising and poor vision for digital service"

Current Employee - General Administrative says

"No leadership or clear direction with goals. You never know what the latest golden nugget is - and neither does the company. The company needs to grow up and decide what it wants to become. Since the split and merger, you are fearful, daily, for your job. Massive layoffs - without thought to restructuring for success."

Current Employee - Marketing Team Leader says

"Quick to furlough and lay off employees."

Former Employee - Advertising says

"dumb strategy, weak talent, full of BS, selfish, greedy and totally incapable of remaining solvent."

Former Employee - Reporter says

"All the company cares about is cutting costs"

Current Employee - News Reporter says

"No appreciation for journalists or the communities they serve. Management-created teams that focus on making themselves feel important. No job security. Low pay. No on-site tech support at most locations. Company merger means nobody knows who is in charge."

Newspaper Carrier (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management! No one answers when u have a problem. They screw you out of your money! They give you more work for less money! One route only pays 278 a week for seven nights a weeks so you have to have three to four routes just to make a real check and the added 12 stores to my routes with no choice then took money out of my check to run those extra store routes! Horrible place to work!!!!!!!!!!! You get .46 Per citizen times and .10 for wall streets!!!!!! Your car will be wore out in a month!"

Multimedia Editor (Former Employee) says

"All management is liars, don’t care about the faithfulness of employees and treat them like bad. Nobody should work for this company. They will tell you one thing and then two or three months later completely go back on their word and laid off entirely too many extraordinary people.There are noneThere are none"

Journeyman (Former Employee) says

"You work your way up through the company and instead of being treated with respect and dignity, you're treated like human garbage. They think just treat you like dirt you'll work better. The union is there in name only. The union really only protects people who have been there 20 years or more and will protect immediate family but thats about it. They do not care about anyone else, especially the the guy who worked his way up the corporate ladder in 6 years.Practically Non-Existent Union, Excessive and Unnecessary Micromanagement, Unprofessional Behavior, Constant feeling of Malcontent, Strong Desire to Quit, Almost Slave Labor, Team Leads are Useless and Unnecessary, borderline hostile work environment, management unknowledgable"

Newspaper Carrier (Former Employee) says

"7 days a week. You have to die to get a day off. The management never helped you! You deliver 3 to6 papers daily. It wrecks your car. Horrible job. If you need anything like bags or rubber bands you have to pay for them."

Customer Retention Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Great job for someone just starting out. A lot of misunderstandings with what everyone is supposed to do. Not a lot of clear directions and not a lot of help from supervisors. Can be very stressful when you have a lot of calls coming in"

Senior District Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not allowed days off unless you use vacation time salary employees are worked like slaves hour employees are treated much better by the company hours you work socks"

Breaking News Reporter (Former Employee) says

"They are not transparent with their policies. They are ignorant of foreigners. They do not know anything about diversity. They constantly blame their staff for having typos even though they themselves publish stories with typos and inaccurate content. They put you under a lot of mental pressure."

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is the absolute worst company that I have ever worked for. Upper management was completely useless and made working there miserable. Taking complaints to HR was also useless."

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Micromanaged by folks who know less than their teams. Very unorganized structure. The job itself was fine - pay/mgmt made it a TERRIBLE PLACE TO WORK!!!downtown?? is that a good thing?too many “in charge” who spend their time bashing good ppl"

Automotive Major Accounts Trainer/Sales Trainer (Current Employee) says

"Unsatisfied promises. Don't fall for we care about our people story. They like to rah rah rah then let team leaders and performers go. Is it because we exceed target then you have to payout?"

Receiving Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Keep looking don’t stop here they don’t pay well and they offer no job security . New paper is a dying business you will be overworked and under paid they have zero compassion for the worker ."

Packaging (Current Employee) says

"Supervisor is unprofessional and belittles people. Not qualified for job he was given by manager. Work environment is unprofessional. Not given proper resources to succeed. A lot of repetitive movements that aren’t always safe. HR isn’t around enough and union rep isn’t qualified."

Digital Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"At first, I loved it, then it went downhill FAST. Management was horrible. Always on you about every ad you designed. If you had one mistake, your coach was meeting with you about it. They give you a horrible schedule. I was working 11-7:30 daily and had an hour drive every day. I begged for months to change schedules or teams. Wouldn’t allow it.Casual work environment, headphones.Poor management, got in trouble for every little mistake, bad schedule, long drive"

Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Receiving clerk position, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, Low pay, Poor Management, Inventory is not locked down, numbers are always off. Impossible to cycle count, Anyone can walk in and take parts without recording. This place has a high employee turnover rate. They take advantage of you. This company wastes a lot of money, frankly surprised they are still in business and OSHA has not been called in.NonePoor Management"

Technical Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I would never advise anyone to work at this location. You will be cussed out daily by customers you must meet sales even if you are being treated badly by the customer. this was a horrible place to work."

Maintenance Machinist (Current Employee) says

"Very unprofessional. Only concern is saving money and cutting jobs. Safety is least of their concern. Awful benefits. No advancement possible. Very low vaction time. Difficult to take time off."

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"My Gannett hub laid off our entire design center June of 2018. Major layoffs every single January culled the herd, so that every year from the beginning of November till the end of January the entire staff were filled with anxiety over losing their job — which is always a great way to enjoy the holiday. Management is known for its “one and done” policy which freezes advancement and ultimately ends careers with layoffs.A job, annual company picnic consisting of burgers and soda.Everything from salary to benefits, management, Hr, harassment."

Cash Application Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company is a joke, they do not train you and the employees are very rude and clickish. They focus too much on meeting and not enough on employees. Horrible place to work"

Senior Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Worst job opportunities I have ever had. Management is not together this company treat there employees terrible. The company needs to be restructured"

Customer Service Retention Representative (Former Employee) says

"I hope Gannets goes out of business for the lack of integrity they have shown me. They promised me longevity they knew they could not provide and a bikinis plan they always find a way of not honoring. I would rather starve to death than work for Gannets or subscribe to Amy of their Liberal trash papers."

vu trN says

"Delay shipment and it take for every part to arrive. really bad experience to shop in this store"

Henry Williams says

"Orderef from turners with a two day shipping expectations. 9 days later oreder still jasnt shipped...."

John says

"Item did not work and was opened and missing parts."

Michael Elliott says

"I race in WRL.and NASA, so parts availabilty is an important factor for purchase. All items were claimed to be in stock. The night before the ship date, i got an email notification that the parts were backordered. This happened 3 times until it took 4 weeks to get the parts. If it were the middle of race season, I might have missed a race. If youre a tuner, they have a great catalog, and may be worth the wait. If youre a racer, go to Bimmerworld. Much better experience and much better communication." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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